A new world of rebalancing body, mind, spirit and realigning with soul to live a life of joy, health and abundance now

Experience health and well being with safe, effective and non-invasive forms of rebalancing, reconnecting and restoring your body, mind, spirit to their natural state of harmony and realigning with soul to the joyous well being you actually are and gain wisdom and clarity from the beyond.

Life is balance, within first and without will follow.

Our health is a reflection of this balance, our state of being. Reflections of imbalance felt as illness are mere signs or callings to rebalance and reconnect. Many ancient healing practices seek to balance the body, mind and spirit while more esoteric forms of healing look to heal and align life spiritually on the level of the soul and its highest purpose in connection with Source/All That Is. When there is personal balance amongst body, mind, spirit and soul, the returned connection of soul to Source/All That Is, there is well being and a balanced and well state of health.

Body Internal - Physical Level Healing & Body External - Etheric Level Healing
Mind - Astral (Emotion, Feeling) Level Healing > Highest Astral Body (Lightbody)
Spirit = Soul Level Healing

Balanced & Aligned Body Mind Spirit Soul creating health, harmony & joy :

  • Deep, calm, restorative sleep
  • Calm, clear, focused and peaceful mind
  • Feeling good and comfortable in your body
  • Emotionally grounded, balanced and collected
  • Smoothly energized body
  • Happy, joyous and clear of your present life path
  • Reduced feelings of stress
  • Healthy and nourishing relationships
  • Feeling present for daily life & relationships
  • Stronger immunity and digestion
  • Comfortable menstrual cycles, pregnancy
  • Maintained healthy body weight
  • Sense of well being and living in the now
  • Radiate high vibration and energy...glowing
  • Understanding where you've come from, where you are and where you are heading
Imbalances of Body Mind Spirit Soul causing illness, or "dis-ease":

  • Feeling depressed, stuck, lost, hopeless, moody, or anxious
  • Repeating behavior patterns that are disserving and/or limiting, trauma tirggers
  • Unsatisfying, disserving or limiting relationships, career path, and/or life styles or habits
  • Facing a fear of death and wondering about the beyond

"Sherry is Amazing"

"Make an Appointment "

Mar 2, 2017

Sep 9, 2016

"So much gratitude to Sherry for my Akashic record reading. She is a gifted healer and practitioner. If you have questions about past lives, relationships, health, any blocks, soul purpose or journey or anything going on in your life, schedule an appointment with Sherry. She provided such insight and healing in our session that I feel empowered..shifting into my heart and not requiring any external validation. Thank you again to Sherry for her insight and gift and blessings to you on your path."
"I hope that whoever reads this that they make an appointment with her right away if you are struggling with any issue whether it be mental, physical or spiritual she can help you understand what's going on from the root cause of it. Sometimes when a problem manifests for unknown reasons and you've tried so hard to fight it but got nowhere, you get tired and frustrated and just want to give up. I'm glad I made the decision to call her, she's friendly and VERY accurate, you'll be happy you did :)"

"Great Healing Session"


Apr 13, 2015

Nov 25, 2017

"Sherry is an intuitive healer. She only needed to touch me to know where and what to do in order make me feel so much better!"
"Sherry was so accurate and healing in so many ways. I am very grateful to have found her. A session with Sherry will help to unclear blocks and truly shift
yourself into alignment. She not only answered my questions but really worked to get to the root of the issues. "

"Very Positive Experience"

"Highly Recommend"

Aug 25, 2014

Dec 16, 2014

"Sherry helped me with acupoint, herbal medicine, and Shamanic counseling, including learning how to journey. She is very knowledgeable in these areas and was a great help to me while I was going through a serious illness. She is competent, thorough and has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her!"
"Sherry has been treating me throughout my third trimester in my first pregnancy for common issues such as digestive issues, sciatic nerve pain and trouble sleeping. I feel that our sessions are very thorough and that Sherry spends a great deal of time talking and listening to me which I appreciate very much. My treatments and the herbs she has given me have been very helpful in getting through this last stretch of pregnancy. I highly recommend Sherry!"
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