Akashic Enlightenment Level 2 Healing & Soul Alignment Intensive
Online Webinar
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Tuesdays, November 5th-December 3rd 2019
4:30pm Pac. / 7:30pm Est. / 12:30am London / 8:30am Wed. Japan / 9:30am Wed. Est. Australia

This 5 week webinar will go over seeing your Master Plan and to stick to it, discover and clear old core wounds that are blocking you, learn how to clear triggers and use Akashic Enlightenment to bring in transmissions at sacred sites.

Akashic Enlightenment Level 2 Classes Will Teach You:

  • Practice using Akashic Enlightenment with your individual Akashic Records through the Book of Truth (the Universal Truth of which your Akashic Records are a part of) with the Gateway Prayer and the Healing Prayer
  • Practice communicating and receiving divine guidance from your own Akashic Records and Book of Truth for Self Enlighentment & Ascension
  • Practice the prep meditations: Grounding technique, Energy protection meditation, Shamanic Golden Chakra meditation
  • Receive guidance, wisdom and healing through experiencing knowledge and clearing of core wounds, past and other dimensional lives
  • Clear karmic patterns to better align with your soul's true destiny instead of being stuck in learned repeating patterns and trauma patterns
  • Learn a new healing protocol for yourself and others.
  • Clear from energy that is not truly yours and walk in your own energy instead
  • Changes in long time behavior patterns, breaking through and moving beyond limiting behavior patterns
  • Upgrade your energetic and light bodies to a higher level of existence or function
  • Progress further on your soul's overall Ascension path throughout lifetimes to bring you back to Source
  • Learn to stay your soul aligned course instead of deviating to lower egoic based timelines/experiences
  • Learn about the different levels of holding patterns and how they affect your day to day life through the physical body, etheric body, astral body, ego, spirit self, life spirit, and human spirit.

Akashic Enlightenment Level 2: Living Your Master Plan As Known By The Light
This Level 2 Akashic Enlightenment class teaches you how to keep staying aligned with the tools and practices you've learned for using AE to help you stay on your aligned soul path as a daily practice and not slide back. Now that you are aligned with your soul self and living a life within that you need to have that life and step into your true freedom. It will also help you look at what is coming next on your soul path and how to see and stay aligned in your soul's, and Source's, Master Plan for you at this time and learning to be an active co-creator of your reality that this New Earth paradigm is inviting and allowing you to have and live at this time.

Akashic Enlightenment Level 2: Creating Clear Communication with the Divine
This Level 2 Akashic Enlightenment class helps you understand one of the most important parts of doing inner work, being clear in what you are asking for and in the interpretation of what is received. Knowing how to form clear and concise questions so you receive the knowledge, guidance and healing you are asking for can take practice and is also helping you form excellent listening skills which is an important part of being a successful reader. Good listening means great awareness and no reaction or filtering through your ego or what you DO know of yourself. This AE Level 2 class we will do just that, help you work on creating the best questions to receive the best answers and how to best interpret them for clarity. This is a necessary step before attempting to do deeper work for yourself or for others.

Akashic Enlightenment Level 2: Healing Realignment & Soul Advancement
This Level 2 Akashic Enlightenment class teaches you a new healing protocol to use with yourself or another to remove the misaligned Records of whatever is causing the person issue so they’ll be moved forward on their soul path and beyond it, stepping out of the karmic looping energies and its manifestations.

Akashic Enlightenment Level 2: Healing Core Wounds & Their Karmic Patterns
This Level 2 Akashic Enlightenment class helps you reveal and look at unseen core wounds that are creating karmic patterns and loops in your life creating a looping reality for you until you see what it is trying to point out to you so you can step out of this and live in your more truly soul aligned self. Now that you are more awakened to your soul level existence it's time to use this to step out of that which is no longer truly serving you. The protocol you learn can be used many times to release unnecessary or diserving life patterns taking you off course of your highest soul aligned life course. You will also learn about the different levels or healing bodies of the body and how you are affecting each one with this and other healing modalities. This course will truly change your quality life and level of life satisfaction!!!

Course Highlights:

  • Practice 3 meditations for clearing, grounding and preparing to receive divine energy and knowledge
  • Practice using the Akashic Enlightenment Gateway Prayer
  • Practice working with questions to receive guidance, wisdom, energy healing, soul alignment and ascension in your Akashic Records through the Book of Truth (True Laws of the Universe)
  • Stay the course with your Akashic Enlightenment practice seeing your soul map of where you are going next
  • Heal core wounds that are blocking you from following your highest soul path

Benefits of Akashic Enlightenment Training & Soul Alignment:

  • Shift from the 3rd Dimension consciousness to the 5th Dimension consciousness and higher
  • Awaken your Christ Consciousness and Bodhisattva Enlightenment awareness and frequencies
  • Learn to listen to your highest soul self and commune with the Beings of Light, Akashic Lords, Ascended Masters & Teachers
  • Shift your vibration to a higher frequency
  • Open and access your Soul Star Chakra and building your connection to the Divine, Law of One, Unity Consciousnes and your Akashic Records
  • Align with your soul stepping outside of learned patterns and behaviors and understand your soul's purpose and how to follow that and live a life of joy, freedom, and love in that
  • Reconnect with Source through the Akasha via your Soul and Soul Star Chakra

Everyone who wants to be on video can be and will be able to share experiences and ask questions. If you miss a class you can watch the recording. We will take a 5-10 minute break halfway through if needed.

BONUS - students receive 15% discount on a personal Shamanic Akashic Record Reading & Healing
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$385 after October 22nd
$633 Level 1 & 2 purchased together

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