Ancient Integrative Medicine practices and esoteric healing such as Shamanic Healing and Akashic Records/Book of Life spiritual consults and healings are ancient, reliable and successful forms of healing that work with natural healing modalities to help return your body, mind and spirit back to it's own natural well being and ability in maintaining it's balance and state of wellness while also realigning with the soul and thus returning to Source. Combined with nutritional consult and lifestyle coaching one is on their way to their highest and best self.
Ancient Integrative Medicine

Acupoint Therapy & Reiki, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Consult, Lifestyle Coaching

Ancient energy medicine practices across the world hold healing modalities over 5,000 years old and are a truly shamanic lineage. They seek to build, restore and maintain the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit thus helping restore and maintain health with regular use aiming at rebalancing the root of illness not just the symptoms.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Practitioner: moxabustion
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Practitioner: chinese herbs
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Practitioner: chinese herbs
Ancient Energy Medicine
Replenish Your Spirit, Rebalance & Restore Your Body, Calm Your Mind

Many ancient energy medicine's work with a system of energy pathways and points all over the body which are heightened areas of the body’s energy “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) and are connected to the body’s organ systems, spirit, and mind or emotional well being. Thus, these points have the ability to assist the body, mind and spirit in it’s natural ability to heal by activating these areas balancing one’s physical, emotional and spiritual states thus helping restore one’s overall health and well being.

Pressure and healing tools applied on these particular acupoints of energy on the body are used to activate the points in particular sequences and combinations to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance so it may return to and maintain health and well being.

Some treatment systems and protocols work more with physical issues directly while others focus more on the emotional and spiritual root of the imbalance in question.

Acupoint Therapy & Aroma AcuPoint Therapy™ (AAT)
Gently Receive the Benefits of Acupuncture without Puncturing the Skin

In ancient Chinese cultures shamanic healers used pointed probes or wands made of stone to access the points on the meridians of the body. Later these healing wands were commonly made of precious metals and which are now made of gold, silver, copper or jade, some even polarized with tonify and sedation end points. The wand only contacts the surface of the skin on an acupoint to activate the energy at that point on the body to stimulate it promoting the body’s own healing. It is highly effective and yet gentle.

I use small hand made gold and silver pointed wands. When using these wands I am able to conduct more healing energy into that point on the body thus reaching more levels at one time.

Another acupoint healing tool is organic, pure botanical essential oils. These are applied with acupressure to acupoints and the soles of the feet to activate the energy at that point on the body to stimulate it to promote the body’s own healing and which bring a general overall calm and well being that will bring one back to a state of balance. Essential oils have been found to be just as electromagnetically powerful as acupuncture needles. The basic aim is always to select an oil that possesses the same function as an acupoint; an oil that will activate a particular point function.

Another acupoint healing tool to activate the acupoint is an herb known as Artemisia valgaris (Mugwort). It is placed on the body and lit with incense to stimulate that point on the body to promote healing, add warmth and energy to the body and help move blood and energy to restore the body to it’s natural balanced state of health. This is a particularly beneficial treatment for deficient and/or chronic conditions.
Herbal Medicine 
Rebuild, Restore and Protect Your Body

Herbal medicine works in rebalancing the body’s state of health helping it to rebuild, restore and protect itself. Herbs are usually given to the individual to take at home daily along with regular treatments and after an intake to determine one’s imbalance according to Taoist balance theory. Herbs will be given in the form of pills, powder, or tinctures.
There are many herbal formulas that work great for many common illnesses that pharmaceutical medications are prescribed for except these formulas will actually address the root cause of this symptom or illness to rebalance your body so it will not only be quieted but will be reduced or leave altogether.
Herbal formulas go through rigorous processes for quality control and I choose brands I have personally tested on my own body and which I highly recommend for those who come to see me.

Reiki, Chakra Clearing
Clearing Deeper Energetic Roots of Illness

This ancient Japanese healing modality treats the whole person--mind, body and spirit--and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well being. Reiki uses a gentle touch technique that works by raising the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body. Reiki clears, straightens, and heals the chakra pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow. Reiki Energy can help to heal physical ailments and does well in combination with other healing methods. This treatment often comes in conjuction once I am doing acupoint work as certain chakras are shown as being blocked or carrying old energy ready to be cleared.

Medical Qigong
Moving Breath & Qi to Clear Illness

An ancient form of energy healing part of Chinese Medicine using focused breathing and subtle body movements to move and/or build Qi or life force energy within one’s body to rebalance from illness or help rebuild depleted Qi or life force energy. When used in healing another's body it is similar to the Japanese practice of Reiki though working on the points and meridians and not solely on the chakras.

Nutritional Consult
Food As Medicine, Know and Understand the Energetic Properties of Food

What we put into our bodies is what will build our bodies, outside of energy and breath work. Thus, knowing what foods to eat that will best benefit you and your individual constitution is very helpful in maintaining health and wellness. According to Asian medicine theory many foods hold certain energetic properties that can positively assist or negatively impact one's health.

For example, some foods are very hot and carry yang energy which are very good for those that are yang depleted however not so good for someone who is primarily yin depleted and needing cooler foods to bring the body into balance again.

I will go over what you are currently eating regularly and how to improve your daily food choices for optimal harmonizing of your individual constitution.

Lifestyle Coaching
How to Balance Sleep, Exercise, Work, Play, Relationships

An individual's day to day life can greatly affect their health and well being. Many are not conscious of what they are choosing to do with their time and energy and if they are may not know if it is actually in balance with their individual soul identity and physical constitution.

I will go over what you do day to day and will see where simple daily improvements can be made so you be living your best choices for being in harmony with you are as an individual and not just following societal standards.


Akashic Records
Spiritual Consultation  & Energy Healing

Aligning with Your Highest Soul Self

Consulting the beyond for advice on your life purpose and situations is a deep, powerful and rewarding experience revealing to you a blessed life path releasing karmic dues and raising consciousness and awareness to be your highest self and walk the path of light divinely given to you. 
Akashic Record Reading & Healing
Ask the Akashic Records/Book of Life/Hall of Records For Answers to Your Life Questions,
Receive Wisdom, Guidance and Healing from Divine Consciousness

The Akashic Records/Book of Life are an energetic record of every thought, feeling, emotion and action that ever occurred, is occurring or will archive of the soul. A reading of your own Akashic Records feels like having an Angel read to you your own personal bible or like having a heart to heart with God/Source/Divine as the information is from your very own Divine consciousness via your masters, teachers and loved ones guiding you along your path and allowing you to receive answers and healing from every one of your lifetimes. There is very deep wisdom and healing to be revealed here ascending your consciousness beyond learned and karmic limits and leading to many positive changes...beyond what you can see or are even already conscious of as this is the record of your soul.

In an Akashic Record spiritual consultation and healing session I will open your Akashic Records with an access prayer using your full legal name. I will ask any questions and/or problems of yours upon your request to receive Divine guidance, wisdom and healing from your Akashic Records concerning what is asked in regards to yourself. Once your Akashic Records are open I will then describe the images I am shown from this life and other past lives and doing energy healing and clearing as necessary. I also use Arcturian Healing Method and Light Language at times for the healing work. I also use Shamanic Healing for any necessary soul retrieval work and extraction of any energy that is not yours.

You are free to take notes during your session and the session will be recorded by me and sent to you via email as a DropBox link afterwards.

Common questions for Akashic Record Spiritual Consultation & Healing:

  • Why feelings of confusion, sadness or anxiety
  • Why certain events are occurring and how to navigate them or why past events have occurred
  • Understand and clear repeating cycles and outgrown behavior patterns
  • Past Lives (examples: Atlantis, Lemuria, Angelic, Egyptian, Mayan, Gods/Goddesses era...)
  • Life purpose, Soul Path
  • Relationships - soul contracts, karma, past lives together
  • Health struggles - why are they happening, what is to be learned to move on from them
  • Financial Issues
  • Career
Common benefits of Akashic Record Spiritual Consultation & Healing:

  • Feel aligned, confident and empowered in your life path and goals
  • Feeling lighter and a joyful way of being returns
  • Receive divine wisdom and guidance to specific questions in one’s life regarding any issue
  • Clear karma to better align with your soul's true destiny instead of being stuck in repeating patterns and trauma patterns
  • Receive guidance, wisdom and healing through experiencing knowledge and clearing of past lives
  • Feel reassured in reaching a higher level of consciousness about why certain events have occurred or are occurring
  • Feel calm and assured of your path and decisions
  • Changes in long time behavior patterns, breaking through and moving beyond limiting behavior patterns
  • Clear from energy that is not truly yours and walk in your own energy instead

Types of Akashic Record Spiritual Consultations & Healing:

    •  Personal Readings - I open your Records and we ask your questions and do necessary healing work.

  • Group Readings - I open the Record of you and others in your group to see soul connections and soul purposes of different people in the group and why have you come together and what your next steps together as a group are and how to best do them.

  • Business Readings - I can open your Records or the Records of the business to see the plan or soul purpose of your business model and plan, how to best play it out and what your next most beneficial steps are for your business.

  • Couples Readings - I open your Records or both of your Records to see your soul connection together, why you are together now in this life, what purposes are you working towards and how to best do them. You can ask about relationship misunderstandings and/or next steps in your relationship.

  • Pet Readings - I open the Records of your pet and see your soul connection together, why you are together now in this life, find out what your pet wants you to know , how to best give your pet what they need and why.

Shamanic Healing

Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Psychopomp, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Light Body Healing

Shamanic healing works with addressing the spiritual aspects of illness. “...when one human being compassionately works to relieve the suffering of another, the helping spirits are interested and become involved." – Michael Harner
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Practitioner: shaman
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Practitioner: shamanic healing
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Practitioner: shamanic healing
An Overview of Shamanism

Over tens of thousands of years, our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered how to maximize human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem-solving. The remarkable system of methods they developed is today known as "shamanism," a term that comes from a Siberian tribal word for its practitioners: "shaman" (pronounced SHAH-mahn) meaning “one who sees in the dark”.

A shaman is a man or woman who interacts directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspects of illness, perform soul retrievals, divine information, help the spirits of deceased people cross over, and perform a variety of ceremonies for the community. Shamans look at the spiritual form of illness which might manifest on an emotional or physical level. Core or Universal shamanism is designed for Westerners to apply shamanism and shamanic healing successfully to their daily lives and is based on the underlying universal or near-universal principles and practices of shamanism, rather than upon culture-specific variations and elaborations.
The altered states of consciousness used in core or universal shamanism are attained substance-free and through consciousness-changing techniques involving a monotonous percussion sound (at 4-7 hertz), most typically done with a drum, but also with sticks, rattles, and other instruments. While in this altered state the shaman connects with the spirits to ask for healing or/and knowledge and wisdom to get information.

Common healing tools used by shamans include sage, feathers, stones and crystals, water, plants, and animal parts such as horns, teeth, hides or furs.
Power Animal Retrieval
Restore Your Strength & Vitality, Be Your True Self, Maintain Health
Reconnecting one with their power animal reconnects them to more of themselves, supporting their soul/essence, restoring their own strength and vitality and thus overall helping them to be more of their true self and maintain health by protecting them by bringing them back into their own power. This is similar to Soul Retrieval and thus symptoms are similar to soul loss. One does not need to be sick in order to be reconnected a power animal of theirs.
Common feelings after Power Animal Retrieval:

    •    feeling more grounded in the body
    •    feeling more solid and empowered
    •    feeling lighter and a joyful way of being returns

Soul Retrieval
Feel Grounded & Whole, Experience Joy, Live a Fulfilling Life in the Present Letting Go of the Past

Most everyone experiences emotional or physical trauma and when we do it is believed a bit of our vital essence (soul) flees the body in order to survive the experience. This is a healthy and natural phenomenon of survival (also known as disassociation in psychotherapy), our society just does not incorporate a regular tradition of bringing these lost parts back to the person and thus most are missing parts and are walking around fragmented which can cause illness or one to be leading a life based on unconscious patterns searching for this lost part of themselves repeating the same trauma pattern over and over again. Thus, it is not surprising that soul loss is the most widespread cause of disease.
The recovery of physical and emotional health is closely dependent upon restoring the balance of the spiritual forces. Returning fragmented soul parts to the client will help restore them to their greater wholeness as when they first came into this world restoring their overall health and well being.
Thus, in Shamanism, Soul Retrieval returns these fragments of lost soul parts that are stuck in the spiritual realm back to the client.
As people feel more present in their bodies and in the world they become more conscious of behavior that might be out of balance and disharmonious. When we are numb we might be aware that things in the world are not right but we can easily distract ourselves from feeling a need to change. When we are fully “inspirited” there is no place to retreat to and we are more inspired to change our lives. Thus, once a soul part is returned it is an opportunity to support this new wholeness and fill our lives to embrace it through new healthier life styles and attracting healthy relationships.
The practice of Soul Retrieval has been found to be one of the most effective treatments in shamanic healing.
Causes for soul loss:

    •    Any kind of physical, emotional or psychic trauma
    •    Shock - any shocking event could cause soul loss; what causes in one person wont necessarily cause it in another because we are all different individuals
    •    Any kind of abuse sexual, physical, or emotional
    •    Accident
    •    Being in a war
    •    Being a victim of a terrorist act
    •    Acting against our morals
    •    Being in a natural disaster (a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.)
    •    Surgery
    •    Divorce or end of a relationship
    •    Death of a loved one
    •    Coma (more soul out of the body than in the body)
    •    Intentional theft (usually done unconsciously by another)
Symptoms of soul loss:

    •    Dispirited
    •    Exhaustion or chronic depression
    •    Not feeling the same since a certain event, as in not in a good way, that something is missing
    •    Thinking something is missing in themselves
    •    Feeling like one doesn’t belong
    •    Addictions (seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us...substances, food, relationships, work, buying material objects, etc.)
    •    Can’t get over a trauma or a separation
Benefits of soul retrieval:

    •    Feeling more grounded in your body
    •    Feeling more solid and empowered
    •    Feeling lighter and a joyful way of being returns
    •    Feeling like your true self
    •    Feeling you are on YOUR life path/purpose freed from and no longer following trauma or ingrained patterns untrue to your true self
    •    sometimes feel nothing at all and changes in one’s life come later
    •    memories of the past traumas might be shown bringing up a variety of feelings to be integrated
    •    sometimes too subtle to notice a change until further work to integrate the soul parts is done

Soul Retrieval work being such deep work generally requires 6 follow-up sessions and it is recommended that each client participate as needed, although, it is ultimately up to the client’s discretion whether to do so or not.
Rebalance Your Body by Removing Spiritual Causes of Illness
Extraction involves removing a spiritual intrusion from the client. A spiritual intrusion debilitates ones power which can cause illness. Just as there can be infections in ordinary reality, so there can be spiritual intrusions. It is not meant that "evil" spirits have entered. It's more like termites in a wooden house. If you've got termites in your house, you wouldn't say those termites are evil, you'd say, "I'd just like to get them out of the house." In this same way the shaman works to remove things that interfere with the health of the body, such as spiritual intrusions, and extract them. (Copy partially from Foundation for Shamanism website)
Common benefits and occurrences during and after an extraction:

    •    Physical pain immediately goes away and does not return
    •    Emotional and physical pain leave the body in a short amount of time following
    •    Someone who was bothering you leaves your life
    •    Feeling stronger and with more vitality

Commune with the Dead for Closure, Help Souls Transition to Spirit World
Psychopomp work involves transitioning souls of the dead from our world to their spirit world to rest. It can also include the Shamanic Practitioner communicating with those who have passed to bring closure to their death, for the dead and for the living.

Crystal Light Body Healing
Rebuilding Your Luminous Light Body
This treatment often comes in conjuction with other Shamanic Healing work and awakens the Crystal Light Body to be activated once it is ready to aid one's Luminous Light body to once again become active and assist one in spiritual Ascension.

Shamanic Divination
Ask the Spirit World, Guides, and Teachers For Answers to Your Life Questions, Receive Wisdom,
Guidance and Healing from Spiritual Consciousness
In a Shamanic Divination I will connect with my spiritual guides, teachers and will ask any questions and/or problems of yours upon your request to receive Divine guidance, wisdom and healing from the spirit realm  concerning what is asked in regards to yourself or, in the case of children, with permission from their parent/guardian and the child’s spirit (which can be asked once working with the spirits for Shamanic Divination only), and in the case of pets with permission of that pet’s spirit. 

Common questions for Shamanic Divination:
    •    Why feelings of confusion, sadness or anxiety
    •    Why certain events are occurring, have occurred or will occur
    •    Understand and clear repeating cycles and outgrown behavior patterns
    •    Past Lives
    •    Life purpose
    •    Relationships
    •    Health
    •    Financial Issues
    •    Career
Common benefits of Shamanic Divination:
    •    Find answers to specific questions in one’s life regarding any issue
    •    Receive guidance, wisdom and healing from the spirit world
    •    Feel reassured in reaching a higher level of consciousness about why certain events have occurred or are occurring
    •    Feel calm and assured of your path and decisions
    •    Changes in long time behavior patterns, breaking through and moving beyond limiting behavior patterns
    •   Healthy relationships

Arcturian Healing Method

Inspired by higher beings from the star system Arcturus. 
It is Divinely guided through the form of the Arcturians to receive Light.

A form of light, energy, and information meant to accelerate a person’s evolution. 
Arcturian Healing Method
Light, Energy, and information meant to accelerate a person's evolution.

Inspired by higher beings from the star system Arcturus.  It is Divinely guided through the form of the Arcturians. This is a form of light, energy, and information meant to accelerate a person’s evolution. 

Some of the issues the Arcturian Healing Light can address are:

  • Life path alignment
  • Life functioning upgrade
  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Mental healing
  • Spiritual healing

This is a multidimensional healing where we are healing more than the physical dimension. Thus the prime importance is not just focusing on the results but rather on doing the healing and allowing whatever results to manifest as needed.

From a larger standpoint, we would not be in physicality if it were not serving the purpose of teaching us something on this level. Realize though, that you are a multi-dimensional being with other facets of reality just as real and true as the physical dimension. The Arcturian Healing Method works on all these dimensions and primarily is functioning first on the non-physical dimension. This means the input of one's consciousness is in a non-physical dimension first when receiving this method. The ripple effects from your work with this healing method can reach other dimensions of a person or place including the physical dimension.

Light Language

Connect to Source via the Heart going around the mind of comprehension to just receive Light.

An interdimensional language of the heart connecting to Source. Hearing it brings healing and Ascension DNA upgrades as necessary and needed by those who receive it or hear it, on a deep soul level.
Light Language
Love & Light

Light Language is an interdimensional language of love and light and a higher dimensional frequency healing . It contains the codes of creation. There are different dialects and it is not necessary to undertand what is being said in order to receive its benefits. It connects to Source. Hearing it brings frequency and Ascension or DNA activating reconnecting one with their blueprint and template upgrades for the divine human. It is used for healing issues, toning, meditating, giving and receiving higher guidance and aligning as necessary and needed by those who receive it or hear it, on a deep soul level.

After hearing it some cry, some feel deply relaxed, sometimes physical pain just disappears and many other instant effects. It is often felt in the heart chakra and like a calm blanket of energy over the body. Others feel nothing but then soon after those around them see and feel a difference in their being, the shift that has taken place is sensed.

Light Language is also called Keylonta (as mentioned in Voyagers, The Sleeping Abductees) and relates to Keylontic Science. The following is excerpted from Keeper of the Diamond Light Codes and the Voyagers book.

Keylontic Science derives its name from the word Keylon. It is the language of the “Symbol Codes”. The intrinsic, interior geometric-electric and magnetic structures that create the foundations for all form and structure within the dimensional systems.

A language of light, sound, pulsation and vibration of energy, and the method by which form is created and maintained within our system. It represents the living codes of matter and all biologies built upon them. The Keylonta Codes set everything from the type of body you will manifest through the genetics of your biology to the very chemical, hormonal and energetic functions which keep the body in motion. It is the key to your known and unknown universe.

Keylonta is not merely a language as you think of it, but a tool, communications being one of its applications. Its dynamics are used in teaching and healing, but also in the literal formation of reality constructions where it serves as the structure upon which manifestations are built.

It is the science of light, sound the subconscious symbol codes (Light Symbol Codes – which affect the way energy moves through the energy structure and biology structure) and the Base Codes of matter (Called Keylons Codes - they direct the contours of entry upon which forms are built).

Is the Science of creation, of the underlying structure of what matter is created from. It is the underlying structure of consciousness.

It is the science of creation and consciousness.
It is the science of microcosms and macrocosms interrelationship.
It is the science of energy dynamics through which matter forms and consciousness manifest.
It is the science of biological (physical), consciousness (spiritual) evolution.
It is the science of humanity’s relationship to its source and the cosmos.
It is the science of construction, perceptions and potentials of human organism and consciousness.
It is the science of the structure of multidimensional universe, humanity’s multidimensional identity and humanity’s relationship with other multidimensional life forms.
It is the science of the human soul and the family tree of consciousness out of which all of us emerge.

It is the science of DNA activation, genetic imprinting, cellular memory and transmutation of form. – Through understanding the dynamics of Keylonta we can literally change the way our DNA operates, and the DNA governs the structure of our physical body and our physical body will determine what type of consciousness we are able to bring in to our minds, our conscious mind, while we are here.

There is an intimate connection within spirit - your spiritual aspect, your higher dimensional aspects - and consciousness moving through the body. Because you can have a wonderful level of developed consciousness in the higher dimensions but if you have a neurological structure that it is not able to handle the current of all that electrical information you wont have access that at your conscious levels. Keylonta gives us the tools and understanding of our parts enough so we can start to expand the potentials of our body, so we can bring more of our consciousness and awareness, so we can bring more of our soul into manifestation here.

It is the science of dimensional ascension, teleportation, bi-location and generation of identity by teaching you how to change vibrational rate of your molecular structure.

It is the science that explores the dynamics of time, space and matter and how those qualities of externalized reality are created and what are they really and what they appear to be.

And also a definition of the Language of Light as written in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.

Language of Light - Instant communication with the Infinite Mind using ideographic and pictographic cybernetics. It is used by "Elohim" in conjunction with the Nartoomid "Eternal Light" to create the primordial aeons and "Mansion world regions" of growth. (Gen. 1:1-3; John 1:1-3). It is the parent language of a Deity used in an overall plan or design to outline a procedure, to code knowledge into crystal, etc. The Language of Light as a vehicle enables the Lords of Lights to reach many planetary worlds and reality levels simultaneously and fuse the different languages into the same scenario abstract. This allows man to have communion with other planets of intelligence through super-holographic processes. As God's word (Ps. 119:105, 130; Prov. 6:23). The knowledge of this language comes from a core memory of information being shared by the higher spiritual levels of existence. It allows man to read the "records of the mysteries" in the higher heavens.

I do transmisisons in Light Language that come from the Galactic Council and from the Council of Light for these times of Ascension. These are posted here on my website and also on my YouTube channel.

Who are these councils? This definition is provided from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch:

  • Councils of Light - The Councils of Nine, Twelve, Twenty-Four, One Hundred and Forty Four, One Hundred and Four Thousand govering this galaxy and other regions of distant universes (The Kuchavim). The "Councils of Light" should not be confused with solar and planetary councils which are ephemeral.

    • Council of Nine - Tribunal of Teachers governing our immediate super-galactic and galactic region, subject to change in evolving 'new programs' of the Father's Kingdom.

    • Council of Twelve - Sons of Heaven working with God/Source to supervise the creation and regneration of the lower worlds

    • Council of Twenty-Four - Council governing spiritual civilizations in the Son universe which is not to be confused with the Twenty-Four elders

    • Council of One Hundred and Fourty-Four Thousand - Tribunal of Ascended Masters administering the Programs of 'the Ancient of Days' the Infinite Mind working through Yaweh as Creator God. The Hierarch of the 'higher heavens' that governs the hierarchies of the midheavens and lower-heavens, judging the final 'soul programs' of man and Master alike.

At times I speak Light Language as part of Akashic Record readings as part of the healing or to deliver messages or Ascension codes or DNA upgrades to clients.